[thelist] book on Information Architecture?

javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Wed Nov 7 16:03:05 CST 2001

spinhead wrote:

> I've ordered the O'Really? Polar Bear book, but I'd love something thick and
> meaty if such exists.

Polar Bear is THE thick and meaty IA book out there
it's the must have for us all

Lou is currently working on the second part

and Christina Woodtke is also writing a book
so if you're patient you can have 2 new wonderful books
on the subject, meanwhile...

the most useful list of books i know of is
by Christina W

of there i've read the polar bear very good read it too long ago, i'll start it
over next week

web navigation, very nice

don't make me think, high tips per page ratio!

the innmates.... about interaction design, just finished it fabulous, yet a bit
(it's deseverd too, it has to proove some tough point ot a stubborn audience)

For free, this wonderful study of navigation, maybe even better that the orilley

Foltz, Mark. Designing Navigable Information Spaces. Master's thesis,
Massachusetts Institute
    of Technology, May 1998.


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