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Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 16:04:21 CST 2001

Along those same lines...

<tip type="coding helpers" author="Robert Goodyear">
HTML Tidy, which can be patched into many many text editors or
called from the command line from many platforms, will do a fine
job of slipping an an ALT="" to any un-alt-ed IMG tags that it
finds. In its default configuration it alerts the coder to many
many accessibility issues. With five minutes invested in editing
the config file, you can tell it to leave everything untouched
save for those few things you'd like to automate.



--- jay.blanchard at thermon.com wrote:
> <tip>Cut-n-Paste Document. Created in your favorite text
> editor. You can 
> include lines of code that you use over and over as we are all
> prone to 
> doing. When you need that line of code flip over to that doc,
> copy, paste, 
> and then modify as required. A great example is;
> <img src="../graphics/transparent.gif height="" width=""
> border="0" alt="">
> Just modify the attributes as needed.</tip>

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