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Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Wed Nov 7 17:28:05 CST 2001

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> > From: "Brian King" <BKing at Impact-Technologies.com>
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> > You know your in trouble when the first job posted in the careers
> > section of the site you just finished... is for a web developer :)
> does that mean i can expect a resume?
> actually, that's been filled (by 4 people, response was good), but
> we're always looking...

I was drawn in by the "Applicants should be familiar with Liandri Central
Core, and be comfortable handling a Redeemer in close quarters." :-)
Unfortunately I'm in the UK so unless you want a remote worker...

Anyway, heres my critique. Using Opera 5.12, Win2KSP2.

The front page looks fantastic - except for the 10cm border above and below.
I didnt see this in IE5.5 so I assume its an Opera specific problem. I
really like the subtle background graphics in the masthead, thought I have
noidea what the "Ctrl" in there is for :-) The perspective image works for
me too.

Thankfully huge border disappears for the rest of the pages. These pages
work fairly well, but I feel that thhe use of a few more images here and
there would help to spice things up a bit and hold my interest a bit more.
Maybe I'm just being a bit superficial, but I find that they help to break
up large chunks of text and make it easier to read. On the clients page
particularly I just went bleurgh at all the text. I'm not sure exactly why,
perhaps its the colour combination, but my eyes just didnt like it.

On the Articles section front page the links in the left hand sidebar werent
obvious until I rolled over them - once I had entered the technical/news
sections they became more obvious though.

Other than that, its great.

- www.gnarly.f2s.com -

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