[thelist] Mailing List program

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 7 18:26:18 CST 2001

Hi Mike -

I wrote something up about this subject on the evolt site a couple years 
ago, and some of it might be relevant to you:
So you want your own mailing list?

As someone else mentioned, Mailman is nice, and what i'd recommend 
instead of rolling your own.. http://www.list.org :)

Shout if you have any more questions :)


Mike wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for mailing list software that
> can handle around 2000+ email address and offer the option for either plain
> text or HTML messages for each subscriber.
> As an alternative I thought of writing one using PHP/MySQL but I'm not sure
> if that will be the best way to handle it.  Are there any dangers/issues to
> watch out for if I choose to roll my own with that combination?  Say the
> browser crashes (for some reason) while the script is sending the messages
> to the list. I assume it will stop sending where the browser crashes even if
> it doesn't complete the process right?  Also, how long do you think it would
> take to execute the sending of so many messages?

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