[thelist] Request for site check

Eric Miller ericmiller at mediaone.net
Wed Nov 7 21:21:34 CST 2001

I have validated the html and found several problems. Apparently IE is more
forgiving than I thought. I will start cleaning it up ASAP.

However, since what I'm looking for is a check on look-and-feel and
usability, I'll ask anyway. If anyone is willing to take a look as it is
now, please do so. If not, I'll wait until the html passes muster and
request a site check then.

Isaac mentioned several levels of response I can expect:

- Fluffy and dishonest
- Casual and brief
- Harsh and detailed

I would prefer "harsh and detailed", but I'll take whatever I can get. I
understand and appreciate that people are taking valuable time away from
their lives when then do this.

One thing I'm concerned about is the banner location. It's rather large and
I'm not sure how to work it in (if at all). I should also mention some
limitations I am working with. The site is almost totally static html. I am
using JavaScript to fake server-side includes and the event calendar is
pulled in on the client side from a web server on my home computer.

The site is http://members.cac.net/sjec. I did have a better URI, but
someone forgot to pay the bill as I discovered tonight when I tried to
validate the html online (Argh!).

Thanks in advance,

Eric Miller

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