[thelist] Request for site check

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Thu Nov 8 00:32:03 CST 2001

> 3. Set your page margins to "0" so your table is flush left 
> on the page. <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" leftmargin="0" 
> topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

I have to disagree here a bit. CENTER IT! 

Why not center the damn page? It's got a total linear structure so it's
not going to get lost out there and the flush left with all that space
on the right makes it look all squished up as though pummelled with a


The banner at the top? I think others have said it -- too dark. I don't
know if you need the black bar. The blue line will probably separate the
banner from the content sufficiently. Or you could do page header (the
name and address) and then banner ad and then the rest of the page.
Seems to be a pretty common usage that doesn't tend to look too

The color scheme is nice and I'll echo Isaac's comments to get more
people pictures if you can. You might pull in another color by making
those <hr>s into pixel lines or colored <hr>s (you can do that, right?)
Maybe use that red?

Your copyright ought to change to 2001. Hey! Are you foisting an old
design on us? Bring back some fresh design! And, get rid of these
snails! You would think that in a fancy restaurant at these prices you
could keep the snails off the food!

- amanda

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