[thelist] design critique (or whatever you wanna do, really)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 8 00:37:00 CST 2001

> http://algonquinstudios.com

I'd put the screenshot on the right-side to avoid the awkward right-aligned
project description. If necessary, I'd make the text larger also to
strengthen it. Not sure if you prefer to emphasise the solution (text)
rather than the design (screenshot). I'd choose the former.

You should definitely work on your right-side alignment of the frontdoor.
The tagline, bizname, navigation, and project description should all be
aligned. Currently, the nav and desc don't align with the tagline and

Your footer on internal pages looks very strange at smaller sizes. You could
try left-aligning it with the internal content.

Finally (for now), the internal and frontdoor navigation mouseovers are odd.
Notice that they don't meet the very edge of the nav bar. This gives a black
"leftover" line which does not fit with the blocks of colour used
predominantly throughout the site.


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