[thelist] Re: newbie and svg

george george at skyeviz.com
Thu Nov 8 04:40:19 CST 2001

yes i have been lurking around with more than a slight trepidation of 
joining in  to this well educated and caring forum.  having said that 
i am at last inspired by a designer here <apologies for dumping the 
appropriate list> who sort of cleared the ground for newbies like me 
to make their entrance.

for the past 9 odd months i have been attempting to create my own 
websites both as a hobby and an exploration into how netzines with 
disabilities can enjoy access as much as us all to the vast wealth of 
information and fun readily available.

this has been made much easier with the use of probably the worlds 
best web design programme available for mac users - Freeway.   very 
suitable for someone like myself who does not see the world as code. 
and a very powerful tool in creating dynamic interactive designer 
projects.  ok it is a wusiwug design programme and fits perfectly 
into the mac 'think differently' concept of what we can achieve.   in 
fact it is brilliant!  and i am not getting payed to plug this.

and now that svg has been acreditated the 'official' recognition from 
the powers that be of web standardization - namely w3.org - i am at 
last using freeway to help me create a platform for visually impaired 

the test results can be seen at my http://skyeviz.com/svg.html which 
i hope you will enjoy.

perhaps you can give my other projects a look over and would 
welcomely appreciate your critique which will be of great value to me.

now that feels better:-)


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