[thelist] Re: Adding to PATH in Linux

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Thu Nov 8 06:24:48 CST 2001

Thanks, adding the path to the .bash_profile did it. So much to learn 
about this new OS.

I do agree, I like to have a choice as well and thanks for the link.


Kevin Martin wrote:

>When you close your terminal, that's the end of that session ("process"), 
>and you've only redefined your PATH for the duration of that process (and 
>its children, if any).  Does that make more sense?  "export" can't go 
>backwards to before you opened your terminal; it can only go forward.
>So:  You need to set your PATH at login, before X starts up.  You can do 
>that by putting the re-definition into your .profile or .bash_profile, or 
>into the system-wide profile /etc/profile.  If you want a system script 
>to use it, it's better to set a complete explicit PATH in that 
>script* rather than hoping the default system environment will work.
>*(Find out exactly what directories you need in your PATH, and instead of  
>using "$PATH plus one or two," define them ALL.  Again, this will only be 
>in effect for the duration of the script.)
>Generic advice:  Don't "hope" (make assumptions) about things -- the point 
>of Linux is that you can "make it so!"  You find it frustrating now; I 
>understand.  You may come to find it liberating.  I just think it's nice 
>to have a choice.
>http://handsonhowto.com/unix101.html  might help.

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