[thelist] Re: Newbie questions/Design topics

Bryan T talbot4 at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 8 06:43:51 CST 2001

Hey y'all,

I'm one of those "lurking" here since early summer.
I'm an audio guy/musician type who's started down a
long path into the world of web design, as well as
visual stimulation, which is something I've thought
for years that I'd like to somehow get good at, but
hadn't the slightest desire to pursue formally. (Obviously,
computers and affordable *Big Wow* software changed
all that.) I've been dutifully scanning all the emails
from thelist, and while I've picked up a few links to
sites containing extremely valuable information,
I read the things most of you are discussing and shake my
head in dismay, reflecting on academics I refused to pursue
and subjects that I was always convinced I could never
take part in...More to the point, since I became determined
to "become a web designer/developer", I've primarily been neck-deep
in Flash, and spending lots of time at Flash Kit Community,
while I really should be boning up on CSS and the like.
Kind of like the kid who fails school but becomes a great guitar player,
which is not a justification, just a comparison.
I will continue to scan the discussions from the List with
great admiration for those with interests that differ slightly
from mine, and would be delighted to read discussions of design
Thanks to all for the great info and links, and hopefully in the
near future I'll have something to contribute.

Bryan T

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