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javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Thu Nov 8 07:13:28 CST 2001

Andrew Forsberg wrote:

> >Absolutely this discussion belongs here - it's about working
> >in this medium, right?
> >
> >So it belongs here.
> This was a long and interesting thread. I signed up to receive
> SIGIA-L and CHI-WEB as a result, which I'm *very* glad about.

those lists are wonderful indeed

> Does anyone know of good Visio-like, or general IA planning tools for
> Unix environments (OS X / Linux / Solaris)? FWIW, I have looked
> around for these sorts of things before without success.

In general, any diagramming tool will be enough, the most powerful
feature i've found so far is to put common page elements in a beckground

One nice thing to take into account is JJG's visual vocabulary, he took
the titanic take of formalizing a generic symbology for nav maps and

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