[thelist] design critique (or whatever you wanna do, really)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 8 09:41:28 CST 2001

<tip type="character entities">
Until recently, you could use certain ISO numeric character entities 
in a page and they'd validate.  However, you may have noticed that 
some of your sites aren't passing validation lately at the W3C site 
due to character entities (it may tell you something is not a valid 
SGML character entity).  A perfect example is the em-dash, which 
can be represented by &#151;.  The preferred way to represent that 
with the numeric entity is by &#8212;.

The full, and official, reference for HTML 4.01 can be found on the 
W3C site at:

> From: "Brian King" <BKing at Impact-Technologies.com>
> Lol, I am pretty familiar with Liandri Central Core, but actually
> prefer the Sniper's playground in team deathmatch.   BTW - Blitzenn
> can easily handle a Redeemer in close quarters, I'll frag you're a$$

this is *so* OT it's not even funny...



big room with sniper nests, 5+ redeemers on accelerated spawn, 
and a little bit of underground action... designed for people like me 
who fire redeemers at close quarters and hide behind posts to not 
get toasted, or who just like to put one in the air and fly it around 
looking for targets...

and alan, best board for office play is Facing Worlds, low gravity, 
super shock rifles only, and friendly fire turned off... you can shoot 
teammates right into the redeemer room with only a hop and a 
shot... two people retrieve the flag, one hops off the roof, the other 
shoots him back to base... *very* fun...

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