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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Thu Nov 8 09:49:01 CST 2001

"javier velasco (mantruc)" wrote:

> One nice thing to take into account is JJG's visual vocabulary, he took
> the titanic take of formalizing a generic symbology for nav maps and
> storyborads
> http://www.jjg.net/ia/visvocab/

This is pretty cool stuff; almost got me convinced to try Visio :-)
until, that is, I went to Amazon and found that (choke, gasp) Visio 
2002 Professional is US$500 (!!) and Visio 2002 Standard is $180 (!). 

A lot to pay for something I'm not sure I'll even continue to use,
and I'm betting there's no free "trial" version. :-)

Any other Win(W2K)-based tools that are comparable to Visio for this
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