[thelist] Linux: how to add to $PATH var?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Thu Nov 8 10:00:30 CST 2001

** Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!! **

> Edit your .bash_profile in your home directory, logout
> and log back in. Or, you may edit the /etc/profile
> file-logout and then log back in again to test.

<tip type="modifying *nix profile files">

When you modify files, especially system ones, that potentially
affect your login, *do not log out* of the system to test -- if 
the next login process hangs because of an error in that file, 
you're in deep bandini. 

While still logged in, open another window on your desktop and 
log in through that; make sure everything works normally (or at 
least as you expected!) in that window. Then you should be OK 
to fully log out.  


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