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Thu Nov 8 10:06:10 CST 2001

Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> "javier velasco (mantruc)" wrote:
> > http://www.jjg.net/ia/visvocab/
> This is pretty cool stuff; almost got me convinced to try Visio :-)
> until, that is, I went to Amazon and found that (choke, gasp) Visio
> 2002 Professional is US$500 (!!) and Visio 2002 Standard is $180 (!).

yes it is very expen$ive
one importatn part of that vocabulary is in it's basic requirements:

"Tool-independent: The vocabulary should be designed so that
      specialized software tools are not required in order to construct
      diagrams. The vocabulary should not favor the use of any particular
      software tool, but should instead enable architects to work with the
      tools they are most comfortable using. "

> A lot to pay for something I'm not sure I'll even continue to use,
> and I'm betting there's no free "trial" version. :-)

i know what you mean

> Any other Win(W2K)-based tools that are comparable to Visio for this
> purpose?

any diagramming tool will do...
even word and powerpoint drawing tools, you can use corel draw, freehand or
fireworks, if you're comfortable with them
other diagrming tools are concept draw (free demo, good comments on IA lists)

demos for PC and Mac

and the other one i can't remember the name, is was something with

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