[thelist] Site Check

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Thu Nov 8 10:25:21 CST 2001

>Have you seen images without alt text in Lynx?

yep..ugly isn't it - so why browse - yes download time is quick - just means
the user is more interested in whats beening said as to what is actually
displayed - surely - if the text relates somehow - in away that the user
may, after reading some content text actually want to see the picture -
there fore turning images back on - this of course is a wide area of
debate - but i don't feel i should use alt tags just because some one else
tells me to - rules are there to be stretched (sometimes broken) - thats how
we evolve, learn and inspire.

>The point is it's not what *you're* interested in (unless you're working in
>a closed intranet where everyone's on IE6), but it's what *your users* are
>interested in.

i disagree - we know our target area - we're hardly going to try and get
business to design and build a website,intranet,extrant from another
e-commerce company? Our target audience has been identified - we know the
most used browsers and what OS are used etc...and we understand the
implications of those users who have chosen to use another browser - but in
fairness can we not assume that the people who are using such browsers as
opera and mozilla are fairly niffty on the web - and probably work in a
development environmet somehow? In which case - are we as a company really
wanting to target these people???

many thanks


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