[thelist] mini screenshot techniques

Ross Lynch kernel at esatclear.ie
Thu Nov 8 10:26:28 CST 2001

> Does anybody have advise on how to
> convert a screenshot [Alt][PrtScrn] into
> a decent looking thumbnail ~ 200px x
> 200px.  No matter what I try it always
> comes out looking grainy. I've seen clean
> looking mini screenshots, so I
> know it's possible, just never figured
> out how.  Do I need to use different
> screen capture software?
> I'm using PhotoShop on a PC

I don't think the screen capture software is really
going to effect the quality of the image. I assume
it just takes a 1024x768 (or whatever) 72dpi image
of the screen. I imagine the trick to getting
non-grainy screen shots is to have as little small
elements on the screen as possible. Big flat blocks
of colour will resize the best.


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