[thelist] mini screenshot techniques

Adrian Simmons adrian at cubitum.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 10:32:43 CST 2001

>Does anybody have advise on how to convert a screenshot [Alt][PrtScrn] into
>a decent looking thumbnail ~ 200px x 200px.
>Do I need to use different screen capture software?
No, this has more to do with how you make the thumbnail.
Try adding some blur in Photoshop *before* resizing, you might have 
to experiment to get the right amount, but it should help.

I think. Been a long while since I did that sort of thing by hand.

Personally I just use GraphicConverters web gallery option and grab 
the thumbnails it creates, but since you're on a PC...maybe a PC app 
that creates web galleries would help?


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