[thelist] Browsers Stastics: Netscape 8?

Mark Gregor mark at velir.com
Thu Nov 8 10:40:02 CST 2001


> Hello,
> i'm having a look to a webserver statistics.
> and i have 2 strange hits done by Netscape 8....

Here's the reason given by the WebTrends Knowledge Base at

Instances of Mozilla/8.0 as an agent have been found in different log
files. As a result, it was determined that this is referencing an
international institution of education. Some educational institutes have
customized the Netscape browser for themselves and they identified
version numbers that Netscape may not have previously used. 


2000-12-14 00:34:40 - W3SVC1 SERVER1 80 GET
/image/comp/7.GIF - 200 -

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