[thelist] Site Check

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Thu Nov 8 10:44:28 CST 2001

oh - jon, BTW

>In that case, educate your company as to why the spec is borken. Enlighten
>them as to what they're doing wrong and demonstrate how the spec can still
>work as they want it to, but be better than they thought it could. Come on,
>this is your business and your area of expertise. They pay you to do this.

if you worked with the designers i work with - u'd have a totaly different
outlook on the problems i have to deal with day in day out - like most of
you out there.

our designers seem to think that because they've seen microsoft do something
then we MUST be able to do it - and theres no way we're allowed to
comprimise design - god forbid it - even the mention of the words..."i can't
get that to work with the site designed like that because..." is a killable
offense with most of our designers - it only one or 2 that myself and other
techie guys have cornered and made them realize what coding is about....the
war will be a long one - but we may get there.



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