[thelist] mini screenshot techniques

Jamie Bakum jamie.bakum at circle.com
Thu Nov 8 11:03:10 CST 2001

>  > Does anybody have advise on how to convert a screenshot [Alt][PrtScrn] into
>  a decent looking thumbnail ~ 200px x 200px.
Hi Simon -

(First off, Adrian, I never heard of blurring something before 
scaling down - I see how that would reduce graininess, but don't you 
lose too much detail? The scaling itself smooths out sharper areas of 
contrast... But, I'm open to experimenting, if the below tips don't 
help Simon)


Rather than simply resizing the screenshot via Image > Image Size, I 
find Photoshop does a better job of resampling an image when you:

a. create a new image the size of your screenshot (or duplicate the 
background layer in your initial image to create an editable layer),
b. drag the screenshot in as new layer to your new image,
c. Use Unsharp Mask *before* scaling to sharpen things up (the 
scaling will soften the sharpness, if it's still too grainy try 
different settings or go without the Unsharp Mask.)
d. go to Edit > Transform > Scale and reduce the layer to the target size,
e. fine tune with Unsharp Mask again and,
f. crop to final output size.

The key is staying away from changing the size via "Image Size" and 
experimenting with your Unsharp Mask settings...

Hope this helps -


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