[thelist] Win98 html page as background

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Thu Nov 8 12:06:41 CST 2001

I strongly recommend against this. Using a web page as a background
destabilizes Win98 to an extreme. It's a wonderful idea, which I used
extensively at one of my companies, only to spend an enormous amount of time
undoing the damage.


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> Ok, my first message to the list, just been lurking in the
> background for a few weeks (man this thing gets a lot of
> traffic compared to the other lists I'm on).
> Anyway, I just started using WIn98's option to use an html
> page as the background, the only problem is when I put
> links there to applications on the computer (instead of
> using icons, this way I don't even have to worry about
> unwanted icons being installed) internet explorer launches
> then gives me the dialog box, asking whether I want to
> download or run the app from where it is, unlike when I
> just type the addresses in by hand for local files. I want
> it to by default run the files, but only for this page, not
> for ones on the web. any ideas for how to get it to do
> this?
> Thanks in advance, and if this is OT, I'll just have to owe
> a tip.
> Lachlan Cannon
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