[thelist] CSS

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 13:01:47 CST 2001

It's a hack that allows you to build two stylesheets (one @import
and one LINK REL) to accomodate compliant and non-compliant
browsers. NS4 doesn't recognize @import, so your NS4-happy CSS
would be in the inline or REL stylesheet, then for more compliant
browsers, you could override with more specific and CSS2 styles
in the @import version.

It's a poor-man's browserdetect that isn't JS- or


--- "Ornstein, Ian" <IanOrnstein at NC.SLR.com> wrote:
> "Netscape can't see @import and defaults to black."
> What is the attraction of @Import?
> Is it so much better than link?
> - IanO -

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