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Thanks for the link Hassan. I sent you guys the link to my Visio spec
sketches, with notes on method.

I think it would be interesting if we established some kind of share where
we could more easily display and update these methods.

We all know how to draw little boxes and arrows, but obviously there are
many different ways to do this and then present the information, and
manipulate the information.

So maybe we can come up with some categories: (just shooting from the hip)

Modeling Web Sites categories:

1) Tool used:

2) Tool Tricks
Code snippets
Hot-zones, rollovers

3) Client Methodologies
Changes during meetings
Changes after meetings
Multiple presentations at once (html, jpg, png)

If you want to update/replace this list, go for it.  Just strip out the ">",
hard returns and " : " characters with this great tool!
Stripmail  http://www.dsoft.com.tr/stripmail/    copy 'n paste the stripped
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