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MRC webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Thu Nov 8 13:25:00 CST 2001


> TYME} By the OS?  So, alt and title attributes are not controlled the
> Title attribute, at least, must be determined by browser, as IE5.01 and
> NN6.0 display with different bg color on my Win98 OS.  Be nice if the
> attribute could be styled. I use title= a lot to convey additional
> information or to define terms.  The lightyellow bg (NN6) is better
> contrast; and, most content areas are white.

    Probably more accurately put, IE relies on the OS to style its tooltips
(which is actually what we're talking about here), whereas Mozilla/Netscape
6.x styles them on its own -- as it does with much of its chrome. But there
is no CSS property that allows the designer to style the look of the
    For IE 5+, there is, however, a default "ToolTip" behavior [1] for
producing a DHTML tooltip that might be of interest. It allows CSS styling
and has its own properties and events.

James Aylard


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