[thelist] CSS

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 8 13:58:38 CST 2001

> From: "Niklaus Haldimann" <nhaldimann at gmx.ch>
> > What is the attraction of @Import?
> > Is it so much better than link?
> i think there's no real difference to link. aardvark is most probably
> using it to hide certain parts of the style sheet from nn 4.x. that's
> the only css-supportive browser that doesn't recognize it.

erm, just saw my name... was i in this thread?

anyway, the reason *i* use @import it because NN4.x doesn't 
recognize it, and therefore doesn't use that CSS...

why would you want to do this?

short answer:

NN4.x has all sorts of bugs with elements (images in particular) 
stuck into blocks of copy with line-height applied... to get around 
this, but still have it look good in the browsers that *don't* eat line-
height (or other buggy CSS as implemented by NN4.x), i use the 
@import directive so that the newer browsers pull it in, but the 
older ones don't...

as an example:

using a line-height attribute caused the image to overlap its caption 

but moving it to the @import CSS file prevents that in NN4.x... you 
can see what i did in view-

so, hope that answers any questions you may have had, although i 
think i still missed how my name came up...

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