[thelist] Semi-OT: VID 6

Matthias Ritzkowski Matt at grndwtr.com
Thu Nov 8 13:59:00 CST 2001


I have the default web site on another drive as well.
I set everything up by the book (C:/inetpub/wwwroot).
Then I created an inetpub/wwwroot on another drive.
Then I go into IIS Manager and look at properties for default web site, Home
Change that to <newdrive>:/<new directory>
That way all my webs are off the system drive.
Obviously this works per web site, not per web

Note: I do use a separate Webserver, though!


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>Id created them first so I can set the location of the content 
>dont want everything housed under c:\inetpub\wwwroot
>When creating a new web with VID or via the snap-in, it greys out the
>ability to specify an alternate location (on the same machine) for the
>Does VID require everything under /inetpub/wwwroot?
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>Hi Salvatore!
>Why did you create the virtual directory first?
>Do you want to use an existing web?
>I would try to create a new application first.
>See if that works out before
>Good luck!
> Regards
>Matthias Ritzkowski
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