[thelist] mini screenshot techniques

Tobyn Baugher trb at cartoonviolence.net
Thu Nov 8 14:39:55 CST 2001

On 11/8/2001 10:22 AM -0600 Simon Baier wrote:

> Does anybody have advise on how to convert a screenshot
> [Alt][PrtScrn] into a decent looking thumbnail ~ 200px x 200px.  No
> matter what I try it always comes out looking grainy. I've seen clean
> looking mini screenshots, so I know it's possible, just never figured
> out how.  Do I need to use different screen capture software?

If you don't want to lose detail, why not try cropping the image down
to the desired size rather than scaling? I read a nifty article on
thumbnailing techniques somewhere, unfortunately the URL escapes me.

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