[thelist] Request for site check

Eric Miller ericmiller at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 8 20:57:18 CST 2001

>  - I'd use a feature box within the frontdoor instead of the pop-up window
> for refresher courses. I expected the pop-up box to be an ad and would've
> closed it instinctively if I wasn't providing a critique.
Good idea. I do the same thing when I get a pop-up.

>  - Banner ad is pretty dark and unimaginative. Constant animation is
> irritating and distracting. (Content is infuriating, but hey, that's just
> me. :p)
I agree. I think I'll toss it.

>  - Address is too cramped and close to the shield. Give it some space.
Good point.

>  - I expected the thermometer icon to link to some kind of daily
> feature. It didn't. I'd try something else in that position.
Um, any suggestions for something else? Otherwise, I'll probably drop it.

>  - The colour scheme correctly draws from the logo, but is very
> business-like. You can balance this with fun and full colour photographs.
> Also, the images within the site are of varying styles and quality. You
> one dark photograph, a coloured sketch, and what looks like a freebie
> temperature icon. Try to pick 2 of the 3 styles to use (dumping the icon
> would be my choice).
Yep, it is. I'm a product of my business environment. I write database and
business layer components for a web development company. Most of the sites
are "corporate" in nature. I agree that it should be "fun" but, being a
systems analyst, I'm graphically challenged. Some photographs of people
having fun is a good idea.

>  - The frontdoor picture of the church is empty and bland. Personally, I
> would rather not see any church thrive, but you'll have to find a
> picture of you want to sell the services of it.
Right again. It's not a very good image. A few years ago I would have agreed
with you're opinion about church's thriving, but I'll leave it at that.

>  - No pictures elsewhere within the site. Quite boring.
>  - Severe lack of community feeling. No pictures of any members anywhere.
Well, you've convinced me it's time for a total redesign.

Thanks for taking the time.

Eric Miller

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