[thelist] Request for site check

Eric Miller ericmiller at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 8 21:06:50 CST 2001

> Overall, the site is clean and well organized.

> 1. See if you can clean up the pop up window so it doesn't scroll. Better
> yet, remove the pop up. You have room on the home page to include it
> Most users are already trained to close pop ups (ads).
I agree. I tend to close pop-ups and should have recognized that.

> 2. Do a little touch up on the table structure. You've used fixed width
> table size of 595 - which is ok - but on my big screen it makes the site
> look tiny. Also, when I tested the pages with larger font sizes (for those
> with visual impairments) the fixed table width makes it nearly unreadable.
The 595 was an attempt to keep it within a 640x480 monitor size. Oops,
didn't think about the font size thing. Definite usability blunder on my

> 3. Set your page margins to "0" so your table is flush left on the page.
> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0"
> marginheight="0">

> 4. This is minor - but when I have email links I like to use me at abc.com
> formats rather than cryptic labels. Users then know that it is an email
> rather than a page.
In other words someone using the internet will understand that it is an
email address and I don't have to hide it.

> 5. Re-visit your meta tags. The description tag is only 29% utilized - you
> can add more information and help your long term search engine placement.
> The keywords tag is only 15% utilized and the relevance of keyword to page
> content is really low. (not design related, but ultimately user-experience
> related)
I don't understand how the 29% utilized figure is determined? I forgot that
the search engines check page content against the keywords. Thanks again.

> 6. Remove the site admin link from the main navigation. It's not for the
> public so it probably shouldn't be there.
This should have be moved to the event page and called "edit events" anyway.
It's used to add events.

> 7. Finally, I would move the banner to the bottom of the page, or consider
> moving it to the inside pages. It's a little unwieldy up there.
I've decided to drop it. I've never been really happy with it.

> Hope this helps.
Yes, thanks for taking the time.

Eric Miller

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