[thelist] Request for site check

Eric Miller ericmiller at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 8 21:12:37 CST 2001

> Why not center the damn page? It's got a total linear structure so it's
> not going to get lost out there and the flush left with all that space
> on the right makes it look all squished up as though pummelled with a
> sledghammer.
I could do that but now I think I can go wider. I was trying to stay within
640x480 but think I can take it up a notch.

> The banner at the top? I think others have said it -- too dark. I don't
> know if you need the black bar. The blue line will probably separate the
> banner from the content sufficiently. Or you could do page header (the
> name and address) and then banner ad and then the rest of the page.
> Seems to be a pretty common usage that doesn't tend to look too
> horrifying.
I'm going to remove it. I never really liked it that much. I'm considering a
"message of the day" area somewhat like the mission statement. Better?

> The color scheme is nice and I'll echo Isaac's comments to get more
> people pictures if you can. You might pull in another color by making
> those <hr>s into pixel lines or colored <hr>s (you can do that, right?)
> Maybe use that red?
Good idea.

> Your copyright ought to change to 2001. Hey! Are you foisting an old
> design on us? Bring back some fresh design! And, get rid of these
> snails! You would think that in a fancy restaurant at these prices you
> could keep the snails off the food!
Sorry, the site is a year old and I've not had time to work on it much. I
still needed the review since I would have just done more of the same.

Thanks for taking the time. The feedback has been a great eye opener!

Eric Miller

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