[thelist] Request for site check

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 8 21:12:59 CST 2001

> >  - I expected the thermometer icon to link to some kind of daily
> temperature
> > feature. It didn't. I'd try something else in that position.
> Um, any suggestions for something else? Otherwise, I'll probably drop it.

Something featuring an autumn-style leaf or something. Block picture fading
to the left perhaps?

> Well, you've convinced me it's time for a total redesign.

You could use what you have as a base, but I'd start with tracking down some
visual assets. Getting the community to buy a digital camera and start
taking happy snaps for you to use might be a good idea.

I'm just saying that if the core of your brief is: (a) satisfy existing
members, (b) recruit new members, then I don't think this design meets the
latter at all.

Start with finding those new pics and I think you'll have more luck. :)

Good luck,


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