[thelist] site check - ug

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Nov 8 22:40:16 CST 2001

> the client had the website designed with no regard to how
> search engines work, and the old site is all text.

hi cayley

actually, all text is a fairly good search engine strategy!!

it sure beats images or flash

i think what you mean to say is that the old site has a lot of text as

> http://www.mayfayrehouse.com/template.html
> which looked fine to me in Mac but IE/win shows the text as 2 small
> columns that dont auto fill the cells.

yes, there is room for some improvement in those tables

your main problem is that you use <Th width="559"> to hold the inner nested
table -- just take the width off that for some immediate relief

i think you could also increase the outer table from 88% to maybe 95%

you may want to change the alignment of the text (in the old site it is
centred) because aligned left, the text in the right column looks funny

one more thing, and it's important -- don't use bgcolor=black in the body
tag and then specify color:white for the main body text using style sheets,
because if style sheets are turned off, the text disappears (black on

>also, the horizontal bars dont fill the lines between the top and bottom
>row of buttons on Netscape.

what horizontal bars?  i can barely see them, they're so dark, i can hardly
make out that they're supposed to be tabs, so don't even worry about it

actually, this is a problem in win ie5 too

you could try removing the first of the two rows, make the row height=20,
use a background colour, and use valign=bottom/top for the tab images

>old site

yuck!!   it's cut off at the right without a horizontal scrollbar, and i'm
at 800x600

previous designer should be shot

(that's just a figure of speech, folks)


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