[thelist] javascript history.back problem

Les Lytollis les.lytollis at morse.com
Fri Nov 9 06:02:41 CST 2001

Hi Again All,

I have a really annoying problem regarding a "back" button in my forms.

I have a multi page form with back and continue buttons. The "back" button
uses javascript history.back  (also tried history.go(-1)). Page 3 of the
form (yeah, I know, about 70 fields - but that's what the client wants!)
goes back to 2 (duh!) and the form is populated. But going back from page 2
to page 1 clears page 1 of the form. 

It only happens on ie5, not 5.5 or 6.
Does anyone know what could be causing this? I can't find any reference to
this problem anywhere.


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