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Michael Goddard michael at tdh-marketing.com
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How much are they charging now for certification?  If it is over $1000 then
I say no.  With today's economy and the current downward spiral of the
Internet business, I am sure many companies are looking for "experienced"
rather than "certified".  Also, many employers do not even know what CIW
means or is.  So what should you do?

Did the certification help me? No, I was able to land this job from my

If it was me, I would instead look into Brainbench.com  Their certifications
have been making a lot heads turn and many employers know about it.  Plus it
won't make a big dent in your wallet!

HTH and good luck in your endeavors.

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> Hello everyone,
> Is anyone here CIW Certified?
> Is it worth the cash, fame and fortune that will inevitably arise from
> getting it  ;)
> Cheers
> mk
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