[thelist] Printing fixed width strings in PHP

zapoleto at altavista.net zapoleto at altavista.net
Fri Nov 9 11:47:08 CST 2001

I´m making a PHP script that prints a MySQL table on the screen, but I
need to format the fields in a table with a fixed width since the
table will then be printed by the user and I want the report to
print correctly in all cases.

The problem I have is that some fields will be longer and won´t fit in
the widht I want.  I don´t want the field to wrap either, so I need to
cut the string before sending it.  Since the nice fonts are all
variable width, most fields look as if more characters could fit in
the space because I´m trimming the string by a certain number of
characters and depending on the characters, the width will vary.

Is there a function I could use that can trim a string based on the
number of pixels that the string will occupy when printed ?

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