[thelist] valid wysywig help (does no one love me?)

Adam adam at hallinteractive.com
Fri Nov 9 13:36:28 CST 2001

Thanks to everyone who responded.
yes Andre it does help, and thx.

I guess all in all everyone who helped me missed my initial point which was
please do my job for me and help me find a better written javascript. cuz
the one I like didn't look like a standards compliant 3rd party script nor
did it look like anything I wanted in my own source code since I couldn't
gleen the slightest sense from it nor edit/debug should the need arise.


I'm glad y'all came out ta help me, so my heart is warmed. I hope I can
likewise help you all in some way in the future.     In the meantime I'm
going to hunt down a better version of that script.

on 11/9/01 12:19 PM, andre gaulin at andre at gaulin.ca wrote:

> the script is very simple....
> the main config stuff is in the following line:
> <csaction name="B810A3370" class="SlideNewWindow" type="onevent"
> val0="main.html" val1="" val2="760" val3="360" val4="false" val5="false"
> val6="false" val7="false" val8="false" val9="false" val10="false">
> main.html is the destination for thel ink, and the other val attributes are
> to control the pop up window display...
> does this help?
> Andre

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