[thelist] SMTP/CDONTS trouble

Dave Preston caffiend at simianbrotherhood.org
Fri Nov 9 16:36:34 CST 2001

I'm not a windows guy by any strech of the imagination, but check this
thread out...


good luck...

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 02:15:42PM -0800, Michael Juarez wrote:
> Hi,
> Wondering if anyone can help me with my SMTP/CDONTS trouble. Here's the
> problem:
> I have a new Win2K server, with virtual SMTP server installed, standard
> stuff. Although my CDONTS script processes requests, the SMTP server
> seems unable to relay messages. Instead, messages are kept in the Queue
> folder of the mailroot directory. Looking in the Badmail directory, I
> find the following error:
> Unable to deliver this message because the follow error was encountered:
> "Error is processing file in pickup directory.".
> The specific error code was 0xC00402CE
> I assume there are some configuration problems with respect to the
> virtual SMTP server, and not a CDONTS script problem. I should note that
> the CDONTS script works fine on my development server, which runs the
> same OS as the one giving me trouble.
> Any ideas?
> MJ
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