[thelist] finding children

Kevin D. White nonzero at well.com
Fri Nov 9 17:45:24 CST 2001

Quick question about finding all the child windows of a main parent window.

I am currently designing a routing & approval application for my clients.
The goal is to allow them to browse a site and attach comments to any page
on the site.  The comments are captured in a seperate window that is spawned
by the routing application.  No real problem there as long as the site
sticks to one window.  But what happens if the site spawns a daughter
window?  I need to be able to capture comments for the daughter window
seperate from the main site window.  This means I need to be able to find
all the child windows without explictly being told that they even exist.

Long story, short -> Is there an array/collection that allows me to discover
all the children of a parent from a seperate and independent window if I
know the name of the parent.....
Kevin D. White
email: nonzero at well.com
im: simpleCypher
icq: 135180984

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