[thelist] Automatically Printing Web Pages

gregory.john.toland at census.gov gregory.john.toland at census.gov
Fri Nov 9 18:02:21 CST 2001

I would like to do this thru the http protocol.  Directory browsing is
turned on.  I want the user to be able to add to a "bucket" all files
he/she chooses thru using wildcards (AB*.htm) and a browse button.  I need
the software to support server-side include files and style sheets which
are imbedded in the files.  I cannot use Windows Explorer because of these

>Our task is to print over 3,200 html files w/o having to click 3,2000
>times.  I would like to print selected files from a directory in a batch
>run.  Any ideas?

What kind of interface are you using to do this? Do you want the printing
done locally (i.e. the user has access to the windows shell and can
right-click files in a directory to print them), or do you want this done
through a browser interface?

I don't know of any off-the shelf software to do this, but this task sounds
like it would be best served with a simple VB program. All you need is a
dialogue to select the files, then pass them one at a time to the print

Have you tried just using the find files utility in windows, then doing
select-all, print?


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