[thelist] Automatically Printing Web Pages

gregory.john.toland at census.gov gregory.john.toland at census.gov
Fri Nov 9 18:05:30 CST 2001

I downloaded and installed the software.  A requirement that I am looking
for is not to add each file individually, but thru using wildcards
(AB*.htm) add them all at once.  This software forces you to type each file
individually (3,200 URL's).  Thanks for the suggestion though!


From: Susan Wallace <susanhw at webcastle.com>

Hi Gregory,

A quick search at Dave Central for "print web site" brings up this program:


Described as "AbacusPrint will automatically print any group of web pages
or documents on a schedule". There may be others to look at on the site.

Good luck,

Susan Wallace

>Last week, I asked if anyone knew of software (or thru scripting) of a way
>to print web pages in batch.

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