[thelist] Another Personal Site Critique

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Nov 9 18:46:16 CST 2001


hi peter

not nuts about splash screens, thanks for at least having an Enter link to
get me in

home page looks okay, but the greeting made me laugh --

    Hello! ( )

i *was* gonna cut & paste that from your page to here, but what's this?
can't highlight text?  what have you done?  hey!!!  i can't right-click to
view source?

oh peter, tsk, tsk -- just for that, i stole your little printer icon

anyhow, the next page i tried was Links, and ya know what?  it never
finished loading

so i hit Stop and then View>Source (from the menu), but what's this?  too
large for notepad?  what the heck have you got in there? uh oh, you better
have a look at the source, something seriously wrong, i see hundreds of
lines that look chopped off

went to Contact and got another chuckle -- you show 3 phone numbers, 2
emails, PGP, vCard, ICQ, AIM, contact form, and a partridge in a pear tree,
and then you say "When it comes to tracking me down, one must be persistent
and patient."   heh

Site Contents down the left match neither your nav items across the top nor
the text links across the bottom

i don't like the status bar clock, it hides the urls that your links are
pointing to

besides, if i need to know what time it is, i don't imagine i'll be coming
back to your site just for that, i got an analog thingie on my wrist that
is a lot faster -- plus, you gotta think of the subconscious message you
are sending people with that status bar clock:  LOOKIT ALL THE TIME YOU'RE

so that's all i have time for

i hope this wasn't too harsh


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