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>From: "Madhu Menon" <webguru at>
>| May I recommend you download an excellent utility called Regcleaner and
>| have it run a "clean" cycle on your registry. (It's in Tools > Registry
>| Cleanup > Do them all.)
>| I'm sure you will weed out LOTS of crap that has been accumulating over
>| time as programs didn't uninstall properly, etc. Trust me. It's like
>| cleaning out the attic.
>| Download it here:
>Downloaded it ... but
>| Oh, and do backup your registry first, just in case ;)
>How does one go about backing up the registry?   Win98 here (1st. ed.).
>Help shows two options:
>To have ARCserv agent back up your registry.
>To have Backup Exec Agent back up your registry.
>Are either of these the option?  They seem to be more for if you are
>reinstalling windows.
>Rather be safe than sorry... hehehe
>(P.S.  I gave a free tip this morning .. hehehe)

To back up your registry go to Start / Run and type in regedit to open the 
registry editor, then go to registry in the menu and choose export registry 
and save it with a unique name.  I also recommend EasyCleaner from ToniArts as it is very good for every windows 
operating system I've used.  Check out all the applications there too, 
everything is very useful and freeware too.

Peter Kaulback

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