[thelist] site check - http://www.magisnetworks.com/new2002/index.html

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Nov 9 19:48:26 CST 2001

Okay, it's a page check, not a site check (early days.) The redesign is
underway, and they're FINALLY letting me code it instead of sending it out
(of course, they threatened to have 'one of the marketing folks' do it with
FrontPage, then changed (lost?) their minds at the last minute.)

The existing site: http://www.magisnetworks.com
A new beginning: http://www.magisnetworks.com/new2002

I'm only coding, but I have the ear of the look-and-feel folks (but they
might not listen.)

I'm specifically looking for:
1. Coding errors - my goal is absolute cross-browser/platform/gender/culture
code. I may eventually have to deviate from this lofty goal, but for now, be
as picky as you can. Extra points for citing sources to support your claims.
2. Look and feel - according to the CEO/CTO/BOD the existing site is
'sissy.' Note that the new site uses exactly the same colors and open, airy
feel, so I don't think we've addressed that issue yet. Ideas? What colors
are less fluffy and sensitive, but would work with the logo colors (oh look;
the site USES the logo colors - CEO/CTO/BOD don't like the logo either, but
maybe it could be hidden in a robust, manly site?)
3. Font sizing tips for NN/Opera on *nix (see below)

What I've done:
1. Validated with W3C's HTML validator
2. Tested in IE6 and NN6 on both PC and Mac. Looks like it should.
3. Tested in NN6 and Opera on Linux. Made me gag. Closed the browser.
"Nothing to see here, folks; move along."

Thanks, gang.


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