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Mark Groen mg at markgroen.com
Sat Nov 10 00:07:45 CST 2001

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from rudy:

> >zip file

That would have been my first choice also, hmmm

> etc... My job is to make it so that even an idiot can use my programs
> without messing them up.
Have you seen what M$ is doing lately with its .not/XP tie in? I was at
my Dad's(65+) over the weekend, and as we were getting the download (we
were also upgrading to IE + OE 6)  for the new Instant Messenger (free,
appeals to the Dutch in him and we can "talk" cheap to Holland), a nifty
window popped up when mousing over the download button on this page:
The mouse over generated pop up ( it's animated), really caught his eye,
and he said, "let's do it the way they say to do it"....which was to run
the .exe from its current location rather than save it on the desktop.
Regardless, this was just an update to a program they already had
installed, but with the *proper* flow of screens/pages, couldn't a user
be directed to close all the windows/programs open and install
something/anything from the server? In other words -the file you are
pushing? People kind of have a tendency to keep clicking along what ever
path they have started/trusted, regardless if it's a good or bad thing
and continue until they have some new software to (intuitively we hope),
play with, or their computer crashes.
    Totally agree with your logic regarding the newbies/CEO's out there
tho', might be worth checking out how AOL handles this sort of goof
proofing, kind of see the state of the art in dealing with this sort of
user, if you know what I mean.

still tutoring and learning myself,

mg at markgroen.com
Vancouver, Canada

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