[thelist] OT: Good Linux/Red Hat lists like Evolt?

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Sat Nov 10 07:54:23 CST 2001

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001 21:33:06 -0500
"Chris Johnston" <chris at fuzzylizard.com> wrote:

> I am wondering if there are any really good Linux and/or Red Hat lists
> out there that are of the same caliber as Evolt? Meaning equally
> suited for newbie's and gurus alike.

I wouldn't say that they're the same calibre as evolt (impossible
surely!) but redhat run a quite a few lists themselves that it may be
worth investigating:


The list for the current release of Redhat Linux 7.2 (Enigma) is here:


<tip type="Link checking on Linux" author="Garrett Coakley">

If you need a way to check links on web pages under linux, have a look
at linkchecker:


Features include:
 - recursive checking
 - multithreading
 - output in colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV or a sitemap
   graph in GML or XML.
 - HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, mailto:, news:, nntp:, Gopher, Telnet and local
   file links support
 - restriction of link checking with regular expression filters for URLs
 - username/password authorization for HTTP and FTP
 - robots.txt exclusion protocol support

Handy tool to have in your arsenal.


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