[thelist] links --> new windows on demand

Tyme nopun at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 10 10:55:35 CST 2001

I have a program (Popper Stopper) for handling pop-up windows.  It allows
you to use CTRL+click-on-link to activate the pop-up window, on demand --
won't allow a pop-up otherwise.

I'd be interested to have a program that would force a new window to open
(ideally % smaller) from a _normal_ link, on demand.  [I like to run off and
read 3rd party info. but hate leaving a website (parent window) before I am
completely finished using it (such as a portal).]  I know that you can set
browser to open all links in a new window, but I want more control than

Now, I don't want to write this little application, as I suck at Javascript,
but wondering how do-able it is, or if it has been done.  Any ideas?

Just in case OT...

<tip type="databases" author="Tyme">
Allow a null value for the first name field in a database input form or at
least allow the "-" (hyphen) character in the last name field.  The latter
will accommodate those individuals who legally have a hyphenated name _and_
enable those individuals with a single-word name to enter a "space-holder"
character for the last name. ...Design your databases for what is _legal_
not for what is most traditional.

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