[thelist] CSS to create a curve

Brad! Brooks bradlcd at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 10 18:11:23 CST 2001

> OK, I know this is a mighty tall order, but I'm wondering if anyone has
> ever seen an effective use of tables or DIV's to create a curve? I don't
> mean a sliced up image, I mean literally a curve constructed only of
> table cells, or DIV's. I would want to do this so that the color of the
> curve could be changed via CSS. Any help would be appreciated even if
> it's just to laugh at my pipe dream :)

Hi Matt,

I don't know whether anybody has pointed this out to you, but Eric Meyer has
created an example of using CSS to create a curve on his great experimental
CSS pages. Check it out:


Actually, now I look at it, it's probably not much help to you (it uses a
sliced image), but it may give you another angle to work from...


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