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Frank framar at interlog.com
Sat Nov 10 23:29:39 CST 2001

>>  I guess that was a rant. Oh well, I was in the mood. I owe.

As promised, and hopefully relevant as well <g>.

<tip type="Netiquette" author="Frank Marion">

The list maintains it's high quality based on the fact that it's 
participants are high caliber people, with with a large range of 
skills. Another factor is that participants tend to keep a high 
signal to noise ratio.

When posting something to the list, it may be useful to keep the 
following questions in mind:

1) Do your words clearly and concisely express your idea?
2) Does your email relate to the core topic of this list?
3) Is your email useful to the other members of the list?

When posting something that could be considered off-topic, consider 
biasing the content towards the above three points. Remember that 
your words may evoke an unexpected variety of responses from people, 
choose your words carefully. If you experience a response that may 
not fit with the above three points, consider responding personally, 
off list to the posting individual.


Our best destiny, as planetary cohabitants, is the development
of what has been called "species consciousness" - something over
and above nationalisms, blocs, religions, ethnicities.

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