[thelist] Pizza Hut Takes a Bite Out of Yahoo! Front

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Nov 11 06:16:05 CST 2001


These are desperate times indeed. Pizza Hut will place a "takeover" ad on 


The Flash-based rich media ad shows a pizza-laden pizza peel (the wooden 
"paddle" used to lift pizzas in and out of an oven) popping out of the 
middle of the Yahoo! home page. Pepperonis rain down on the pizza, which 
then zooms across the screen to land in an ad unit on the right-hand side 
of the page, in Yahoo!'s Marketplace area.

Clicking on the ad's "Click for recipes" icon sparks a Flash slideshow of 
different version of the pizza -- Ultimate Cheese Lover's, Ultimate Meat 
Lover's, Ultimate Pepperoni Lover's and Ultimate Veggie Lover's -- and a 
special promotional price, $8.99 for a medium pie.


*sigh* Just makes you want to run out and buy that Pizza, doesn't it?


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